Ditch The Diet.

Love Your Body.

Live Your Life.

Take the

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Do you…

Did you answer yes to any of these questions?
If so, I can help you stop obsessing over food and get the healthy body you deserve.

Hi I’m Taryn.

It’s lovely to meet you!

It’s time to empower yourself

I’ve helped countless smart people like you find peace with their eating, find a healthy weight and accomplish unbelievable things.

I’m not superhuman. I don’t swim in a skinny gene pool.
I don’t command more willpower than you.

I just discovered through personal experience, a new way to be healthy that actually works, without dieting, without depriving myself, without making myself go crazy around food.

Why we need to break the rules
It’s not that you’ve fallen off the diet that’s the problem…

The Diet is the problem.

The fear of gaining weight controls us, forcing us into a diet prison where we deprive ourselves, without really understanding why we eat what we eat.  We start to count every bite, every calorie. The get thin or else mentality builds and builds until the pressure becomes too much and we crack.

We binge. We feel bloated, guilty, ashamed…and we resolve to get back into that diet prison.  It’s a vicious cycle that consumes our lives and makes us miserable. 

I’m here to show you how to break free from your diet prison, so you can eat what you want and be a healthy weight.
It’s time to rewire your brain to a new way of thinking that can actually change your relationship with food and your body…permanently.

Reject Your Diet Thinking

I'll help you to get rid of that negative Diet voice inside your head and start to listen to your body cues instead, so you no longer follow diet rules or feel deprived.

Make Peace With Food

Food will no longer be your enemy. You’ll learn to cope with your emotions without using food as a soothing blanket. No more binges or freaking out at mealtimes.

Rock A Confident Healthy Body

You’ll overcome your body hang-ups, feel good about yourself again, be healthy and eat what you want, when you want. Total food freedom and healthy confidence.

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