Snacking – Yes it’s healthy!
Healthy snack inspiration

Snacking – Yes it’s healthy!

Snacks have got a bad reputation over the years but in reality, snacking can actually improve your health!  It’s what you snack on that counts…

If you have long periods between meals, healthy snacks can help tide you over so that you don’t breakdown into a hangry feral creature willing to inhale a box of Krispy Kremes or end up overeating at your next meal.

Bouncing between starving and stuffed is not good for your waistline, blood sugars, mind or productivity, because you’ve put your body into ‘famine’ mode. This freaks your body and mind out, and when you are later faced with food, no matter whether it’s healthy or not – all bets off as your body will try to overcompensate for the famine and EAT! EAT! EAT!

EAT light sign against brick wall
In famine-mode your body wants to EAT!

Choosing a healthy snack (and ensuring that you have them with you, whether that’s in your purse, gym bag, car or work desk drawer) is the key to:

Curbing your cravings for sugary foods

Maintaining a healthy weight

Keeping your metabolism revved

Regulating your blood sugars and mood

Boosting your brainpower and concentration

Giving you energy to keep going through the day

Snacks that are high in fiber and protein, such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, and dairy are packed with the nutrients you need and protect you from blood sugar crashes or ‘famine’ mode, meaning you’re less likely to binge on something less nutritious.

Do remember:

If you’re just about to eat a meal, there’s probably no need to have a snack too, as this will diminish your appetite. Remember to tap into your real hunger signals that are the physical signs of hunger (rumbling stomach, low energy, bit shaky, etc.), and most of the time try to avoid eating snacks out of boredom or to soothe your emotions.

Top Tip:

Make snacks ahead of time from scratch, rather than store-bought, as you can control how much sugar, salt or additives go into it. Portion the snacks out and place them into small bags or containers for easy access.

Woman chopping vegetables on wooden board
Create snacks from scratch

Get your kids into a lifetime of healthy eating with healthy snacks. Let them help with the preparation or deciding what healthy snacks to have.  Ensure these snacks are at easy reach of kids when they need them.  Make snacks fun and creative.  Finger foods such as fruit or veggie kebabs or fun creative designs (celery stick with cream cheese and a line of raisin ‘ants’ across the top) are always a hit with younger kids.

Vegetable Kebabs
Veggie Kebabs

Need some snack inspiration?

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