Creative Ideas for leftover food

Creative Ideas for leftover food

As food scarcity due to panic-buying seems a reality many of us never thought we would experience, it’s time to get creative with our leftovers.

1. Meat, poultry and fish

Chicken is one of the most versatile proteins when it comes to leftover meals.  For example, extra chicken can be used in pasta, soups, tacos, stirfry or salads. Why not add some spices, vegetables or serve with guacamole and sour cream to make delicious chicken dishes from your leftovers. Plus, use the bones and carcass for flavoring soups and stews.

Although this one won’t keep for long when cooking a double portion of salmon, why not use the leftover fish in a fluffy quiche or frittata.  Throw in some dill, onions, spinach or mushrooms for extra flavor.

Don’t forget the meat! BBQ night leftovers can be turned into a yummy Beef Chow Mein noodle dish or steak fajitas the next day.

Fish, poultry and meat on chopping board

2. Rice, potatoes, bread and pasta

Leftover rice is the perfect fried rice complement to a chicken stirfry or veggie salad, or for those sweet tooth moments, whip up a creamy rice pudding topped with fresh fruit from your leftover rice.

Extra pasta or potatoes? No problem.  Pasta and potatoes are extremely versatile as leftovers for meals like cold tuna mayo salad or in casseroles, hash browns and soups.

Stale baguettes, bread or bagels can be cut up into bite-size chunks and toasted in the oven for crispy croutons to add crunch to your hearty soups and fresh salads. Need to change up your breakfast routine? Why not slice stale bread, dip in a beaten egg mix and pan fry for morning French toast.

Bread and pasta

3. Fruit and Vegetables

Leftover cooked veggies can be revitalized by tossing them on the grill with some herbs and olive oil for a chargrilled side. Also, add extra vegetables to casseroles, soups, omelets, muffins, quiches, salads or smoothies too.

Have bananas gone brown?  Mash them up and bake a tasty banana loaf that the kids will love. Apples a little too soft?  Puree for a great baking substitute to sugar or bake with cinnamon for a healthy pudding.

Fruit and vegetables on wooden table

Don’t forget the freezer! 

Finally, you can always freeze meals and leftovers, or certain fresh vegetables and fruit for a later date. That way you’ll have a variety of quick and easy meals already pre-cooked for those “I just can’t be bothered to cook” days.

Frozen fruit and vegetables in freezer bags

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