If you want to lose weight, stop doing these 3 things

If you want to lose weight, stop doing these 3 things

If you’re tired of trying every latest diet out there, feel like you’re eating less than everyone else and exercising like crazy but still can’t lose that extra weight…stop. Breathe. And then read on so you can stop doing these 3 things and finally lose that extra weight.

1. First thing to stop doing is: Dieting

Almost 95% of people who go on a diet will fall off it in a year.  That means diets only have a 5% chance of success. Not great odds. And they’re hard, make you feel miserable and most importantly freak your brain and body out.

Deprivation (aka dieting) actually sends your body into panic survival mode because it thinks it’s in a famine.  This raises your stress hormone cortisol which stimulates your craving for sugary carbohydrates. Your brain also goes into overdrive and will send you more messages about food in an effort to get you to eat. 

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That’s why you obsess more over food when you’re on a diet, with food thoughts consuming your brain. While your brain and body are in this panic mode, slowly wearing you down with pleads for you to eat, when faced with some lovely treats that are ‘not allowed’ on your diet, you go big and binge or overeat. That’s because your brain knows that tomorrow, you’re back to the famine so now is the time to eat everything. Hello, yo-yo dieting and weight gain!

2. To lose weight, stop staying up late

Yes, that Netflix series is so addictive it’s easy to get sucked into a vortex of binge-watching until 2 am.  Not great for your weight loss efforts though.  If you don’t get enough sleep, or have an irregular sleep schedule, this can cause havoc for your circadian sleep cycle, meaning you are not getting good quality deep sleep.

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This can negatively affect your hormones and your appetite, making you more susceptible to constant snacking, craving unhealthy sugary foods, and over-eating. Get them zzzz’s to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight.

3. Are you a Distracted eater? This may be adding to your weight gain

The more you’re multi-tasking while eating, the more you’re likely to eat.  Watching TV, scrolling your social media feed on your phone or even eating while standing up can all lead to distracted eating. This means that you’re not focused on your meal, not really tasting it, savoring it, and ultimately not getting the level of satisfaction you would if you were mindfully eating.

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Satisfaction is key to eating just the right amount for your body and not over-eating and piling on the pounds. The more satisfied you are with your meal, the less likely you are to snack or binge on unhealthy junk. Mindful eating also allows you to tune into your body and listen to when it tells you are full.  Your body is constantly talking to you, but often we’re so distracted we just aren’t listening for the signs of fullness.

These 3 things to stop doing to finally lose weight are just simple yet effective strategies to help you shed those extra pounds naturally and finally get a healthy handle on your eating.

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