This is a freaky reason you might get cravings…

This is a freaky reason you might get cravings…

Do you know the ONE LITTLE WORD that can have a BIG impact on your cravings and overall health?


This might sound like science fiction

In your gut, you have trillions of bacteria living inside of you RIGHT this very minute! Not only are there trillions of them, but there are hundreds of different kinds of them.

Here’s the thing about the bacteria.  Some of them are more helpful than others, and some of them have specific jobs that help keep you healthy, happy, and energized.

All those different types of bacteria feed on different kinds of food. Some might like more fat, some like sugary foods, you get the idea…

Gut bacteria

They get their food from the food that YOU eat.

And research is showing those bacteria might actually be telling you WHAT to eat! This definitely is freaky, am I right?

Scientists at the University of California in San Francisco have found evidence of this.

They still don’t know exactly which bacteria craves which kind of food, but they do say that what you eat can influence how much of a certain kind of bacteria you have in your body.

So, if you eat a lot of high-sugar or fast food, you will probably have more bacteria that crave these foods. Which also means …

If you eat less of these foods, you probably will have less bacteria that crave highly processed fast food. Pretty cool, right?

Woman eating bowl cereal

So how do you stop cravings?

First, you can set yourself up to feel full and satisfied, by eating a healthy, balanced diet all day, with protein and healthy fats, some fiber-rich carbs, plus drink plenty of water. That way you won’t actually feel hungry when the craving hits.

Then, make a plan for what you will do if you get a craving! Most cravings go away after a few minutes.

You could plan to go for a walk, distract yourself with another activity, chat to a friend on the phone, play with a pet etc.

After a few days, the gut bacteria that are driving those cravings might back off a bit, and with it, also their cravings.

Do you see how this works?  You’ve got nothing to lose – except those cravings! – by giving this a try. Are you up for it?

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