How to set YOUR 2021 goals AND stick with them

How to set YOUR 2021 goals AND stick with them

Happy New Year! It’s time to shed the weight of the past year (physically, mentally, and emotionally!) and make 2021 a year to remember for a GOOD reason! The best way to do that is to set your 2021 goals and know how to stick with them.

You’ve got a clean slate ahead of you. It’s filled with possibilities and opportunities – all you have to do is decide to take back control and live with purpose. And that means it’s the perfect opportunity to reevaluate what you want out of life, and the path you want to take to get there.

The top 3 parts to successful goal-setting include:

  • Identify the different parts of your life that have meaning for you
  • Pinpoint how well you’re doing in each of those areas
  • Create a plan to bring it all into balance

How do you do this? By creating a Life Balance Wheel!

What the heck is a Life Balance Wheel?

The Life Balance Wheel was inspired by the “Wheel of Life” exercise which was created back in 1960 by self-development coach Paul Meyer.

Visualize a bicycle wheel, forming a perfect circle.

As long as those spokes (the long metal supports in the center) supporting the tire stay strong and balanced, the wheel keeps on turning, and you get where you want to go!

If one or two are broken or bent, you’re in for a bumpy ride! It’ll take a lot more effort and energy to get where you want to go, plus you’ll end up doing damage to the tire over time.

Now imagine that those spokes represent different areas of your life. (Your health, relationships, spiritual practice, finances, FUN, and the list goes on. The more balanced those areas are, the more balanced YOU feel! When those spokes are in sync, everything flows a little more smoothly, you’re more resilient, and life is a lot less stressful.

When your wheel is out-of-balance

On a practical level, when some areas in your life aren’t getting the attention they deserve, you can feel stressed, unfulfilled, unhappy, out of control – and maybe even a little lost.

It would be nearly impossible to have ALL your Life Balance Wheel spokes perfectly balanced, all of the time!

This is because throughout different times in your life, you will have different strengths, goals, and priorities.

For example, it’s natural at different periods in your life to be focused on:

  • Achieving a health/fitness goal, like training for a triathlon!
  • Building new relationships
  • Adjusting to life as a parent
  • Climbing the ladder in your career
  • Saving to pay off student debt or buy a home

Your wheel can also get out-of-balance because of your natural strengths, your likes and dislikes, and even your fears!

Many of us put extra energy into the things we’re great at or that make us feel good.

We can even take certain things for granted.

For example…

  • You might put extra emphasis on health and fitness because you’ve been an athlete your whole life, while your career may have a lower priority.
  • Your home might be spotlessly organized because it makes you feel relaxed, while your fun and leisure category could use some attention!
  • Your financial situation might be a mystery to you … so you avoid it, and instead focus on your hobbies.
  • You’ve never had a health problem, so self-care seems like a foreign concept, and you put that energy into your social life or work.

When your Life Balance Wheel is out of whack for too long, that’s when things start to become a real problem.

Check your Life Balance Wheel

You might not even realize how out of balance you actually are until you check your life balance wheel and take inventory of where you’re at.

Finding that “just right” balance for your life can help you achieve your goals faster AND feel more fulfilled.

There are seasons for everything, and you won’t always have a perfect balance across the board … but you DO want to make sure that you pay enough attention to the key areas in your life to keep that wheel moving effortlessly and in the right direction!

My 2021 Goal-setting workbook will help you take inventory and pinpoint the areas in your life that are going well … and also zero in on those areas that need a little attention.

And BONUS … it’ll take a LOT less time than you think to get there!

Download my 2021 Goal-setting workbook here and let’s kick off 2021 STRONG!