I'm Taryn Stein, an anti-diet health coach and trained dietitian

I specialize in helping people develop sustainable healthy habits, lose weight, feel body confident and reclaim their happy that the diet industry has sucked out.

I’ve helped countless smart people like you find peace with their eating, reach a healthy weight and accomplish unbelievable things.

I’m not superhuman. I don’t swim in a skinny gene pool. I don’t command more will power than you.

I just discovered through personal experience, a new way to be healthy that actually works, without dieting, without depriving myself, without making myself go crazy around food.

My anti-diet method is close to my heart because its my own personal journey to living a healthy life, free from body-shame and wasted energy stressing about food. I was exactly that person:

And this was all while I was training as a dietitian.

Eventually, I took a step back from this diet hell and realized that having all the nutrition information at my fingertips was not enough to change my behavior. That’s when I did a deep-dive into researching as much as I could, and developed my anti-dieting method based on science-backed strategies to change my habits and mindset around food and my body.

The fundamental shift came when I realized that it’s pointless knowing what to eat or do when it comes to your health if you don’t know why you’re eating or doing the unhealthy things in the first place. Getting to the root cause is the ONLY way to make real long-term changes and stay healthy for good.

That’s when EVERYTHING changed for me.  I dropped 4 dress sizes.  I had more mental and physical energy to think about things beyond calories. I enjoyed my food again.  I learned to trust myself, and I became more confident, finally ticking things off my bucket list instead of waiting for someday when I hit my goal weight.

I was happy, healthy and fun again. I felt like the real me.

Then Now

And the best part is…I’ve kept my weight stable (no more skinny AND fat jeans, just a pair of jeans).  My healthy habits have been in place ever since.  No more fad diets, falling off the wagon or crazy binges and yo-yo weight.

This is why I coach.  I love to see the same positive changes in the countless women who work with me. Going from frustrated, ashamed and hopeless to finding their healthy happy self too. It’s not as complicated as the diet industry has led you to believe, all you need are the tools and support to find your healthy way for lasting results. 

In between helping people like you, I spend my time relaxing on a tiny Caribbean island with my partner, 2 kitties and a paddleboard.