the Problem

Unhealthy employees cost businesses nearly $400 billion annually. 

With up to 50% of employees who quit, citing burnout and a lack of wellness support as a major factor.  

Don’t let this be your employees.  

The Solution

An evidence-based approach to nutrition coaching, workshops and workplace wellness consulting to help you lower healthcare costs and boost productivity, as well as attract new employees and enhance retention.

Together we can help your employees live healthier and happier lives.


What we Offer

  • Strategic analysis & consulting of your workplace wellness program, based on behavioral science.
  • Development of a new program ideas or campaigns within the program from start to finish.
  • Creation of marketing communications for your workplace wellness from emails, newsletters, intranet copy, posters, and much more.
  • 1 hour or series workshops across a broad spectrum of wellness and nutrition topics, often including cooking demos, tasters, lunches.
  • Handouts and recipes are often provided to enhance the take-away knowledge and implementation.
  • We’ll work with your team to deliver talks that are relevant and practical for your employees to ensure engagement.
  • Personalized 1:1 coaching can be provided to employees at a discounted rate, and on-premise, for convenience, ease and incentive-driven health support.

All services can be offered as a one-off project or ongoing retainer.

To find out more and to discuss pricing options and services that suit your needs get in touch with us at:

[email protected]