Corporate Wellness that’s

fun and gets results

Let’s work together to support your company in bringing fun and interactive wellness solutions to boost employee productivity and morale, and reduce healthcare costs. 

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Why Bother?

Employees and clients are your most valuable asset. Ensuring they are fit and healthy is the key to any successful business.  The benefits of offering a wellness program in the workplace include:

  • Decreased healthcare costs
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Increased productivity
  • Enhanced job satisfaction
  • Increased employee attraction and retention

What Mind Shift can offer your business:

Wellness Consulting

Working directly with HR, Marketing or CEO’s to develop and consult on wellness initiatives, healthy challenges and environmental optimization for company-wide execution, using motivational tactics based on behavioral economic concepts. 

Consulting is tailored to the business and employee needs, whether one-off projects or ongoing activity. 

Brand collaborations include:

  • Wellness program development
  • On-site wellness design strategy
  • Marketing and Internal communications
  • Insight and Employee sentiment research 
  • Speaking, group coaching and media work
  • Wellbeing product consultation
  • Wellness retreats and experiences

Creative content, wellness strategies and health offerings can help you develop authentic communication and brand awareness to proactively deliver key wellness services for B2B, staff and clients that will be a top priority in our world today.  

Lunch ‘n Learn Workshops

Manage your employees in fun and interactive wellness workshops that range in topics from:

  • How to lose weight effectively without dieting
  • Reducing stress effectively
  • How to boost your energy
  • And many, many more

Employees will leave armed with information and actionable steps they can implement immediately. 

Discounted Coaching

Your employees will be able to access all of Mind Shift’s individual and personalized monthly coaching services at a discounted corporate rate.

Individual coaching will take place at the employee’s home, whereby together we tackle specific issues, set personal goals and support the ongoing wellness needs of the employee. 

Compassionate care and respect for privacy are the principles by which we conduct coaching.  

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