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You’ve been on diet after diet, but you just can’t seem to stick to it. You’ve tried low-carb, high-fat, paleo, vegan, raw, keto, dukan, supplements, shakes, cleanses etc.  You’ve calorie counted, measured, weighed, eaten every 2 hours, eaten once a day…and NOTHING WORKS!

It’s time to break free from your dieting hell with this free workbook.  


Take a 10 minute break to have a read of one of our blogs, packed with  expert insights and helpful tips to keep you healthy and sane around food.


Free recipe book


You’re busy and tired from a long day.  

The last thing you want is to slave in the kitchen over a hot stove.

That’s why I’ve created a recipe book filled with easy, healthy and delicious dinner recipes for those hectic times.




I’ll be taking to the airwaves with a new podcast launching soon. Watch this space, or sign up to my free workbook above and get on the list to stay in the loop of all new happenings over here at Mind Shift.

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About Taryn

Taryn is a trained dietician and internationally certified coach, having worked globally in both public health and private practice.  


As a chronic dieter herself, Taryn went on her own journey to break her diet-binge cycle and negative diet mentality, discovering intuitive and mindful eating.


Through her coaching company, Mind Shift, Taryn is now passionate about helping her clients rebuild a healthy relationship with food and their body, so they can live a confident, healthy and happy life.


Taryn hopes to help bring sanity to the dinner table and reshape society’s relationship with food, one person at a time.