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Do you enjoy freaking out at mealtimes, relish spending most of your brain power obsessing over food, or love the feeling of guilt and shame when you eat something ‘naughty’?  

Didn’t think so…  

I can show you how to be one of those women who eats what she wants, when she wants while still being healthy, confident and happy.  

And that's where HOW TO MAKE PEACE WITH FOOD comes in .

The 3-part video course designed to help you find your sanity around eating. It’s time to learn how to stop fighting with food so you can say goodbye to restrictive diet rules, being stressed about going out for meals and beating yourself up over what you eat.  

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They did it, so can you…

 “OMG this course is da bomb! For the first time in over a decade I don’t obsess about food all the time. I’ve changed my entire thinking around health and eating, and I’m so grateful that I’m no longer on-and-off a diet or binge!” Karla D

“The other day I was given a box of chocolates. Normally I would have left them for about a day, until I broke my diet and then scoffed the lot. Now, I can eat a couple and be satisfied. THIS IS AMAZING.” Jen A

“I was a slave to my diet, so much so that I would avoid going out with friends for meals because I didn’t trust myself around the temptations. And then I’d binge, in a dark lonely corner wrapped in guilt. Now, I just go with it, eat out, eat in, eat what the heck I want! It’s so liberating. Thank you!” Amanda H

“My mind was constantly buzzing about my next meal, diet recipes, counting calories, foodporn Insta pics. I didn’t realize how much I talked about food and dieting until this course. Now, I’ve taken back control and more chillaxed around food, I have loads more energy and mental space for others things in my life.” Panni M

Please note that with any wellness or health program, your results may vary from these customers, based on many variables, such as your level of effort, personal health and a host of other factors. However, we believe that this course will provide a great toolkit to achieve your desired results.


What you get with this course: 

  • 3 video modules to work through at your own pace delivered by certified coach and eating behavior expert, Taryn.  
  • Simple, practical, and empowering advice to give you back your life and health around eating and mealtimes. 
  • Exclusive downloadable worksheets and guides to help put the advice into action for your own personal journey. 
  • Lifetime access to the course and worksheets, so you can refer back anytime you need.  

All this for just a one-time payment of USD $297.00 …  

Yep, scrap that, you’ll get the entire program for just USD $197.00 if you sign up now.  

(And you have access to the course for life to totally transform your relationship with food, so that you’re healthy and happy!) 

Join now if you’re ready to never have another freak out about food again.

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